advertising agency

We are an independent and integrated advertising agency that helps
businesses unleash their full potential by providing design and marketing
services fuelled by strategic and creative thinking.

If you’d like to know how we can make a positive difference to your business,
feel free to give us a call, send us an e-mail or even better, pop in for a coffee, anytime!
We’re sure you’ll find working with us an enjoyable and stimulating experience!


The aim of advertising is to attract, engage and convince your target audience.
Through careful research and understanding of your brand positioning,
we develop rich and engaging experiences for clients and consumers,
delivering an original and memorable message through an integrated mix.

Print and Online
Radio, Television and Cinema
Branding Documentation
POS and Outdoor

A brand does not just consist of a logo or a letterhead.
It is your client's perception of your company or product.

We analyse your organization, identify the common threads,
and weave the strands together to craft a brand that inspires your employees,
engages your customers and adds to your bottom line.

Program and Identity Design
Design Implementation
Branding Documentation
Creative Direction

Today's website has evolved to become a “hub and spoke” dynamic platform,
connecting customers to data in real time and employees across
continents via mobile applications. Designed to explain, entertain or perform tasks,
the interactive experiences we create, can take the form of websites or smartphone apps
for either group or individual use. 

eCommerce Portals
Internal Communication Gateways
Social Media Communities
Micro-site Development
Facebook Apps and Strategies

Without an effective marketing and communication strategy behind it, even
the best creative idea can fail. Our approach starts with a marketing audit,
followed by a detailed planning phase and a meticulously executed implementation phase.
We are ready to advise, manage and plan your next marketing initiative,
in line with your business or project goals.

Consumer Research
(re)Positioning and Strategies
Communication Planning
Campaign Messaging
Media Buying and Campaign Management
Event Planning and Management
Marketing Plan Development

Technology may be diversifying our marketing mix... but printing has yet said its last word. 
There is nothing like the skin feel and visual appeal of paper and ink to make the biggest
impact. We are committed to writing, designing and producing the highest quality printed
material with a unique style to help support your message.

Corporate Identity (logos, letterhead, etc.)
Magazine, Outdoor and Transit Advertisements
Catalogues, Brochures, Newsletters, Direct Mail
Signage, Trade Show Displays
Packaging, Annual Reports, Corporate Guidelines

Our invoices designs reduce customer queries,
increase brand loyalty and result in quicker payments.
Nobody likes getting invoices, but they’re the most frequent and essential form of customer
communications sent by an organisation, so it’s worth getting them right.

Why redesign your invoices?

Our invoices designs :
mean customers pay quicker
give a better customer experience courtesy of clear, upfront information
reduce customer queries and ease the burden on your call centre
feature trans-promotional targeted messaging to make the most of your data and technology
meet industry regulations so your business is always compliant.


We understand just how busy you are. That’s why we’re here, to do all the ‘heavy lifting’.
So if you’re still calling a different agency each time you need to update your website,
shoot your next commercial, design a print brochure, or handle an upcoming
ad campaign, ask yourself why you hate free time so much.

Because with one phone call, you can access all the resources you need in the same place.
And what’s more, you’ll be greeted by a real person, not an answering machine.

We know that a project’s success and timely completion depend on how well
the contributors follow a clearly defined process.
Over the years, we have fine-tuned and redefined all the milestones involved
in each project, from inception through to completion.

This has enabled us to design a final process that has repeatedly proven
its suitability for our clients and ourselves, as long as we all commit to following it.
The process covers everything from proposals and kick-off meetings to creative briefs
and revisions, as even creatives need guidelines in order to produce optimum results.

Should we feel it will benefit your business in the long term,
we will definitely tell you what you need to hear,
instead of what you want to hear. If your agency is always saying “yes,”
ask yourself if they have your best interests at heart,
or if they are just trying to keep you happy so you stick around.

We organize frequent discussions throughout the project, giving you updates,
asking for your feedback, and informing you about the next steps.
Our pragmatic and hands-on approach to our client relationships makes them as much
a part of the team as our designers (although they may not be as obsessed with pixels!).

We want you to be involved so that we’re all on the same page from start to finish,
and everywhere in between. If you or we have a question about something,
we’ll discuss it with you before proceeding. After all, a 15-minute chat in order to get
things right is far preferable to a final product you’re not happy with.


Every client we work with is unique, there's no one-size-fits-all methodology or process.
When POP-UP begins working with a new or existing client
on any creative exercise, it's our practice to conduct extensive research into the company
or organization before developing a specific approach as, without exception,
each client requires a custom-tailored solution to fully meet their needs.

The following brands have placed their confidence in POP-UP,
either as direct clients or, in some cases, in partnership.
  • Bpost
  • toyota
  • levis
  • mobistar
  • akka
  • merck
  • belgacom
  • gsk
  • buyway
  • cora
  • voo
  • isb
  • ethias
  • vts
  • numericable
  • carrefour
  • roche
  • aproove
  • novatris
  • speos
  • sage